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Support on
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Or by sending money via PayPal to (send money to friends). has been online since 2014. With more than 15'000 unique visitors per week, it is a very well-visited weapon site and offers a lot of information in text and image.
With the introduction of the market monitoring, which constantly collects current advertisements from selected sales sites such as advertisement portals, auction platforms and gun shops, interested collectors as well as sellers of weapons can find an information source where current prices for certain items can be obtained. is operated by an individual without commercial aspects. The illustrated pieces and scanned documents (for example, regulations, instructions) are almost 100% exhibits of the author's collection.
The costs for infrastructure (computer, photographic equipment, etc.) and internet services (hosting, domain names, etc.) are also borne by the author.
Due to the increasing amount of data (mainly due to the market monitoring with 3 million entries, the 18,000 images and the 350 scanned documents) and the increasing number of visitors, the hosting costs have risen sharply this year.
That's why, as author, I decided to try
The support is completely voluntary and who supports gets absolutely nothing in return; except maybe a good conscience *g*.
Support on
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