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Get your private series K31 certificate! (Created: 21.06.2024, Changed: 21.06.2024)

I'm able to produce certificates stating the date and place of delivery of private series K31 (not army K31's)! The data also includes if it has been delivered as finished rifle or unfinished part set.
My service includes:
- looking up your rifle in the Berne Waffenfabrik delivery books
- getting the date and place of shipment
- counting the rifles shipped the same day to the same place
- counting the rifles shipped the same year
- create your certificate in English or German
- put the certificate on a hidden place on; you are able to distribute the direct link
These rifles have been delivered to many very interesting places. There are rifles delivered to gun stores, but there are also rifles delivered to enterprises and police departements! Imagine owning a proofen genuine Police K31, a great boost in value!
Here a real certificate:
The price for the services as described above is USD 69. Orders are placed via email, payment only after confirmation that the data is actually available. Payment is made exclusively via Paypal.