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Date: 21.06.2019
Anlass: Webseite, Edelweiss Arms (KRISS USA Inc.)
Status: unknown
Lot-Nummer: RC1911-457733
Weapon: Modell 1911 Infantry Rifle
Bezeichnung: W+F Bern Swiss 1911 - sn 457xxx
Serial Number: 457733
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Preis: USD 485.00    
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This Swiss 1911 Rifle, produced in 1917, is in very good condition with 80% original finish. 5/5 Bore. 2/5 Stock. Stock and handguard matching serial numbers. Bolt matching serial number. Magazine matching serial number. Top charging handle knob is cracked. Bottom charging handle knob is chipped. Furniture has heavy handling wear throughout. A piece of the stock at the forward end has chipped off; this is located on the right side, underneath the front barrel band. There is also a heavy and deep gouge on the underside of the stock, directly behind the trigger plate and trigger guard. The receiver has areas of dark bluing. Finish is worn and thinning around the loading slot, as well as at the rear left side. There is also some surface speckling from previous surface frost. Rear barrel band has worn bluing. Front barrel band has better quality finish, with finish wear on the right side at the screw, left side at the hinge, and on the bottom at the bayonet lug. Both barrel bands have heavy patina. Trigger plate finish is fine. Trigger guard finish is thinning with edge wear. Magazine base is worn and approaching white. Receiver is P 30 stamped, so it was only in military service for 13 years. Includes muzzle cover. C&R Eligible. Discreet import engraving.
The Model 1911 rifle is a magazine fed, straight pull, bolt action rifle produced by Eidgenossische Waffenfabrik Bern that employs all of the upgrades of the converted 1896/11 rifle from the factory. The Model 1911 rifle is chambered in 7.5x55mm Swiss Gewehrpatrone 1911 (GP11) and was produced by the Swiss federal armory from 1913 through 1919.
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