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Weapon Details: Glock 43x   (Created: 12.01.2017, Changed: 12.01.2017)

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Weapon Details (Top):

Weapon:Glock 43x
Manufacturer:Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Calibre:9mm Para
Permission required:Ger: Waffenerwerbschein der zuständigen Polizeibehörde.
Glock 43x
Text only available in German:

The Glock pistols which were proof fired in Austria have three additional letters next to the Viennese proof sign ("NPV"). These letters indicate the date of proof or manufacture.
The letters are resolved as follows:
The first letter is the coded month:
E: January
L: February
N: March
B: April
S: May
Z: June
G: July
P: August
I: September
C: October
V: November
A: December
Letters 2. and 3. are the year of manufacture (19xx or 20xx)
O: 0
W: 1
K: 2
R: 3
F: 4
M: 5
H: 6
Y: 7
T: 8
D: 9
The Glock 17 Gen. 1 on this Picture (code "NTF") was manufactured in March 1984.
The Glock 18 Gen. 2 on this Picture (code "BDK") was manufactured in April 1992.
The Glock 17 Gen. 4 IPH on this Picture (code "VWK") was manufactured in November 2012.
The Glock 19 Gen. 5 KaPo GR, Fehlnummerierung on this Picture (code "LKO") was manufactured in February 2020.

Market monitoring (Top):

01.11.2020    petitesannonce...    5573658        Vend glock 43x    CHF    550.00  
29.10.2020    Helvetia...            GLOCK G43X FS Silver Slide    CHF    811.00   
26.10.2020    AATS-Shop    GLOCK-50366        Pistole GLOCK 43X Rail/MOS/FS, Kaliber 9x19mm    CHF    863.00   
26.10.2020    AATS-Shop    GLOCK-65071        Pistole GLOCK 43X Rail/MOS/FS, Combo mit...    CHF    1'256.00   
07.10.2020    Joray Marius...    FFW2530        Glock Pistole 43X FS MOS Combo    CHF    1'190.00   
05.10.2020    magazin426    GLOCK-65071        Pistole GLOCK 43X MOS, Combo mit RMSc...    CHF    1'256.00   
13.09.2020    petitesannonce...    5504032        Pistolet Glock 43X 9mm    CHF    650.00   
10.09.2020    petitesannonce...    5466813        Search: Cherche Glock 43X          
09.06.2020    magazin426    GLOCK-47804        Pistole GLOCK 43X FS Silver Slide, Kaliber...    CHF    811.00   
09.06.2020    magazin426    GLOCK-50194        Pistole GLOCK 43X FS, Kaliber 9mmPara    CHF    811.00   
05.05.2020    AATS-Shop    GLOCK-50194        Pistole GLOCK 43X Front Serration, Kaliber...    CHF    811.00   
05.05.2020    AATS-Shop    GLOCK-47804        Pistole GLOCK 43X Silverslide, Kaliber 9x19mm    CHF    811.00   
28.03.2020    petitesannonce...    5306331        Vend glock 43x neuf    CHF    600.00  
17.02.2020    NaturAktiv AG...    47980        GLOCK 43X R FS Black Slide 9mm para    CHF    811.00   
14.01.2020    gebrauchtwaffe...    32614        Glock 43X 9x19mm Parabellum/Luger/NATO    CHF    550.00   
25.10.2019    Joray Marius...    FFW2011        Glock 43X FS    CHF    650.00   
25.10.2019    Joray Marius...    FFW2084        Glock Pistole 43X FS Rail    CHF    790.00   
17.07.2019    Schild Waffen...    4389        Glock 43X R/FS, Kal. 9mm Para    CHF    811.00   
18.06.2019    Joray Marius...    FFW1764        Glock Pistole 43X    CHF    790.00   
17.06.2019    Schild Waffen...    3623        Glock 43X Silver slide, Kal. 9mm Para    CHF    811.00   
05.06.2019    petitesannonce...    4891399        A vendre glock 43x    CHF    650.00  
07.03.2019    NaturAktiv AG...    44474        GLOCK 43X FS Silver Slide 9mm para    CHF    811.00   
10.10.2020    petitesannonce...    5481439        Search: Cherche holster kydex Glock...         
27.08.2020    AATS-Shop    GLOCK-47575        Magazin GLOCK 43X, 48, 10rds    CHF    51.00   
23.11.2020    magazin426    myrlvhta1nm...        Ersatzteile GLOCK 43X    CHF    6.00   

Ammunition (Top):

Pistolenpatrone 41 Manipulier
9mm Parabellum (Luger), kommerziell
Pistolenpatrone 41 (9mm Pist Pat 41)
Pistolenpatrone 41 Versuch
Pistolen-Markierpatrone 77
Pistolenpatrone 14 (9mm Pist Pat 14)