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Weapon Details: Glock 21C   (Created: 06.03.2018, Changed: 06.03.2018)

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Weapon Details (Top):

Weapon:Glock 21C
Manufacturer:Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Calibre:.45 ACP
Overall Length:193 mm
Overall Height:139 mm
Overall Width:33 mm
Weight (unloaded):823 g
Weight (loaded):1075 g
Barrel Length:117 mm
Line of Sight:178 mm
Rifling Dir.:R
Magazine Capacity:13 Rounds
Permission required:Ger: Waffenerwerbschein der zuständigen Polizeibehörde.
Price statistics
Glock 21C
Text only available in German:

Dating Glock pistols

The Glock pistols which were proof fired in Austria have three additional letters next to the Viennese proof sign ("NPV"). These letters indicate the date of proof or manufacture.

The letters are resolved as follows:

The first letter is the coded month:
E: JanuaryL: FebruaryN: March
B: AprilS: MayZ: June
G: JulyP: AugustI: September
C: OctoberV: NovemberA: December

Letters 2. and 3. are the year of manufacture (19xx or 20xx)
O: 0W: 1K: 2R: 3F: 4
M: 5H: 6Y: 7T: 8D: 9

The Glock 17 Gen. 1 on this Picture (code "NTF") was manufactured in March 1984.
The Glock 18 Gen. 2 on this Picture (code "BDK") was manufactured in April 1992.
The on this Picture (code "VWK") was manufactured in November 2012.
The Glock 43x on this Picture (code "IWD") was manufactured in September 2019.
The Glock 19 Gen. 5 KaPo GR, Fehlnummerierung on this Picture (code "LKO") was manufactured in February 2020.

Newer Glock pistols are marked with the datecode on the front part of the frame (code VGM, Picture) and later directly with the date, such as here for example a Glock 20, manufactured in October 2020 (Picture) or this Glock 18C, manufactured in April 2023 (Picture).


Market monitoring (Top):

19.10.2022    Helvetia D…    1355        Pistol GLOCK 21C Custom USA - #A2352    CHF    999.00  
17.02.2022    eGun GmbH…    14719838        Glock Mod 21C cal 45 ACP inkl. Kompensator( k…    EUR    312.77   
03.05.2020    AATS-Shop…    GLOCK-30780        Pistole GLOCK 21C Gen4, Kaliber .45 ACP    CHF    890.00   
17.06.2019    Schild Waf…    147        Glock 21C GEN4, Kal. 45 ACP    CHF    983.00   
09.04.2019    petitesann…    4811132        Glock 21C 45ACP Gen3    CHF    850.00   

Ammunition (Top):

.45 ACP

Accessories (Top):

Glock Magazine .45 ACP

Attachements (Top):

User Manual - Glock Semiautomatic Pistols (PDF, 3.4 MB, Source: Scan by