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Rifle Details: Stutzer Fritz Kuchen auf Basis IG11 bzw. IG 96/11   (Created: 31.12.2018, Changed: 23.02.2020)

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Rifle Name:Stutzer Fritz Kuchen auf Basis IG11 bzw. IG 96/11
Calibre:7.5x55 GP11
Magazine Capacity:6 Rounds
Permission required:Ger: Schriftlicher Vertrag, Meldung an zuständige Polizeibehörde.
Stutzer Fritz Kuchen auf Basis IG11 bzw. IG 96/11 Stutzer Fritz Kuchen auf Basis IG11 bzw. IG 96/11
The present Stutzer (firearm number 296470) was developed from a Modell 1896/11 Infantry Rifle. The original weapon was privatized in 1937 and rebuilt some time after that.
The stock was replaced by a match stock with grip hole, the barrel by a thick match barrel. A diopter (Lyman Series 48) was mounted, the trigger was modified (so that it is very smooth running) and the safety ring was removed.
The magazine of this gun is from a private Modell 1911 Infantry Rifle and bears the number 7512.
Fritz Kuchen is known to have made other such Stutzer in caliber Gewehr Patrone 11 (7.5mm GP11) and also Stutzer in caliber .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR); the initial base models were Modell 1896/11 Infantry Rifle and Modell 1911 Infantry Rifle. Fritz Kuchen had the modifications patented; these are listed in patent no. CH 198753 (Attachement).

Fritz Kuchen, Winterthur
Fritz Kuchen (* 10 September 1877, t 26 May 1973) had an arms shop or gunsmith's shop at Bahnhof-Platz 10 in Winterthur from 1914 to 1964. The telephone number at that time was 646, the postal cheque account was VIII b 8.
Fritz Kuchen sometimes used a dealer's stamp with "FK" and an arrow bow.
Fritz Kuchen has developed or further developed various products himself, among others
- a patented bolt gun
- the caliber 12 hunting cartridge "Blitz"
- the further development of a foldable RAPID cleaning stick, cf. Picture, Picture, Picture.
- etc.
The following patents were filed by Fritz Kuchen:
- Viehschussapparat, January 2, 1922, Pat. No. 99272
- Take-off device for crossbows, December 13, 1923, Pat. No. 107409
- Crossbow, 9 January 1925, Pat. No. 112020
- Crossbow, April 2, 1925, Pat. No. 114050
- attachment run, 25 February 1926, Pat. No. 120837
- moulding stick for firearms, 24 May 1928, Pat. No. 132815, additional patent to main patent No. 101428
- bolt gun apparatus, 22 March 1932, Pat. No. 163526
- bolt firing apparatus, 7 November 1932, Pat. No. 165708
- bolt gun apparatus, 17 August 1933, Pat. No. 169919
- bolt gun apparatus, 9 May 1936, Pat. No. 189299
- device set to be mounted on the Swiss ordnance rifle, April 2, 1937, Pat. No. 198753
- bolt gun apparatus, June 8, 1939, Pat. No. 211911
- Shooting glasses, 21 October 1942, Pat. No. 225001
- bolt gun apparatus, February 5, 1944. No. 246978

In the field of Swiss weapons, Fritz Kuchen has converted various rifles. There are also many weapons which were sold by his company or on which gunsmithing work was carried out. When a barrel was changed, the new barrel always bore the designation "Fritz Kuchen Winterthur".
Fritz Kuchen was also known for the production of crossbow sports weapons (see Schneider, Schweizer Waffenschmiede, p. 165) as well as bolt guns and slaughtering machines.
Fritz Kuchen was also a sports marksman and won the bronze medal in the 300m military rifle discipline at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Anvers (Belgium, July 23 to August 3, 1920). Together with the Swiss team he won two more bronze medals in the disciplines free rifle 300m and free rifle 600m.
Sources: Internet, Wikipedia
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