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Weapon:Colt M1911A1
Calibre:.45 ACP
First Issued:1923
Permission required:Ger: Waffenerwerbschein der zuständigen Polizeibehörde.
Colt M1911A1 Colt M1911A1
Text only available in German:

Hersteller von Holstern (Quelle:
B.BROS. (Brydon Brothers Harness & Saddle Company, Los Angeles, Calif.)
BOYT (Walter Boyt Saddlery Co., Des Moines, Iowa)
CLINTON (Clinton Saddlery Co., Clinton, Iowa)
HOYT (F. M. Hoyt Shoe Co., Manchester, New Hampshire)
G&K (Graton & Knight Manufacturing Co., Worcester, Massachusetts)
KEYSTON (Keyston Brothers, San Francisco, Calif.)
K.B. (Keyston Bros., San Francisco, Calif.)
LAWRENCE (George Lawrence Co., Portland, Oregon)
W.H. McM. CO. (William H. McMonies & Company, Portland, Oregon)
PERKINS CAMPBELL (Perkins-Campbell Co., Cincinnati, Ohio)
P.C. Co. (Perkins-Campbell Co., Cincinnati, Ohio)
ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL (Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois)
SEARS (Sears Saddlery Co., Davenport, Iowa)
S.& R. (Sheffer & Rossum, St. Paul, Minnesota)
WARREN LEATHER GOODS CO. (Warren Leather Goods Co., Worcester, Mass.)
WESTERN MFG. CO. (Western Manufacturing Co., San Francisco, Calif.)
A.L.P. CO. (Atchison Leather Products Co., Atchison, Kansas)
BRAUER (Brauer Brothers Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Missouri)
BOYT (Boyt Harness Company, Des Moines, Iowa)
CRAIGHEAD (John R. Craighead Co., Inc., Denver, Colorado)
CRUMP (Benjamin T. Crump & Co., Richmond, Virginia)
ENGER-KRESS (Enger-Kress Company, West Bend, Wisconsin)
FINK (Fink Leather Shops, Kansas City, Missouri)
G.P.& S. (Australian manufacturer for US forces, full name and precise location unknown)
GRATON & KNIGHT CO. (Graton & Knight Manufacturing Co., Worcester, Mass.)
HARPHAM BROS. (Harpham Brothers Co., Lincoln, Nebraska)
MILWAUKEE SADDLERY CO. (Milwaukee Saddlery Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
JOSEPH H. MOSSER (Joseph H. Mosser Leather Co., Williamsport, PA)
S-B CO. (Straus-Bodenheimer Saddlery Co., Houston , Texas)
SEARS (Sears Saddlery Co., Davenport, Iowa)
TEXTAN (Texas Tanning & Manufacturing Co., Yoakum, Texas)
WALSH (Walsh Harness Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
WARREN LEATHER GOODS CO. (Warren Leather Goods Co., Worcester, Mass.)
KOREAN WAR (For US Air Force Only)
BLOOMBERG LEATHER GDS. (Bloomberg Leather Goods Co., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin)
BOYT (Boyt Harness Company, Des Moines, Iowa)
BUCHEIMER (J. M. Bucheimer Co., Frederick, Maryland)
BOLEN LEATHER PRODUCTS, INC. (Bolen Leather Products, Inc. Springfield, Tennessee)
HUNTER CORP. (Hunter Corporation, West Minster, Colorado)
BOLEN LEA. PROD. 7791466 (Bolen Leather Products, Inc., Springfield, Tenn.)
CATHEY ENTERPRISES, INC. (Cathey Enterprises, Inc., Brownwood, Texas)
NORDAC MFG. CO. (Nordac Manufacturing Company, Fredericksburg, Virginia)
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